How are builders quoting so low?

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In the current market a number of building contractors are tendering for work at levels below cost. How can they do this and why?

If they have employees better to keep them employed to cover at least some of their costs (initially) but mainly they are then making up the shortfalls in over priced extras. Won’t necessarily give them great references but at least they’re working.


What do the SIPS buildings look like?

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Artists Impression of Stand alone garden studio.

Artists Impression of Stand alone garden studio.

This is a photograph of the intended garden studio. Currently trying to advertise to get one built at cost for lucky customer so we can photograph etc. and market the product properly

SIPS extensions

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Green Space SIPS landing in a garden near you

With the housing market in its current climate, many people are finding it a struggle to sell their properties and are instead looking to extend their properties either by building outwards or by converting loft or garage space into extra living areas.
Whilst the traditional methods of extending ones living space are still popular, there are alternatives now available that are far more environmentally friendly in the methods of construction, the materials used and the reductions in energy consumption. So as well as improving your lifestyle, you can also decrease your carbon footprint which is an ever more vital ingredient in today’s world.
Depending on exact requirements, there is often no planning permission needed and you have the options of having a built on extension to your home or a separate garden building which can also be used as a gym or an outside office or perhaps a teenagers escape den.
Being built on solid secure foundations which allow a vented space below the building increases the life of the building preventing rising damp and condensation. With no need for the typical concrete slab bases, there is less CO2 present.
The building itself uses ecologically sound structurally insulated panels (SIPS). SIPS are now used all over the world due to their superior strength and quality of build. They have are draft free, warm in winter and cool in summer and give a constant dramatic reduction in energy consumption. Building with this material also produces less waste and SIPS are manufactured from renewable and recyclable materials and the core insulation is CFC and HCFC free and has an ozone depletion potential of zero, all great for the environment.
Add to this that all electrics, heating, roofing and lighting will be included as well as oak floors as standard and these eco friendly contemporary designs will enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your property whilst giving you the living space you want right now whilst truly caring for the environment.
Horsley based Surrey Traditional Builders Ltd, a member of the Federation of Master Builders, are on a mission to turn Surrey green, and with these Contemporary Retreats, they could just succeed.

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